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Do I need to see a doctor prior to seeing a physical therapist?

No! In the state of Colorado, physical therapists are able to evaluate anyone without the need for a physician's referral. With her terminal, post-professional doctorate of science degree in physical therapy, Gina has the the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively screen and properly diagnose and treat your orthopedic condition. If for any reason she feels that your condition warrants a referral to a different provider, she will will assist you in finding the practitioner that can best meet your needs.

What will the initial evaluation consist of?

The initial evaluation is essential in order to determine the source of your pain and/or the specific causes of your functional limitations. Gina will listen as you provide a detailed history of your condition, and she will conduct a comprehensive physical examination. Your individualized treatment plan will be based on her findings. You will be educated about your diagnosis as well as what you can do to aid in your healing process.

How long will each appointment last?

The initial physical therapy evaluation and treatment lasts approximately 90 minutes. Follow up treatment sessions are approximately 60 minutes long.

How should I dress for physical therapy?

Wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move around in. If you have shoulder pain, wear a shirt that allows access to your shoulder and arm. Shorts should be worn if you have hip pain, knee pain, or ankle pain.