Priscilla R.

"I am extremely grateful for Gina Fick and her skilled and compassionate care. My two teenagers are competitive track athletes, and this summer they suffered from leg injuries that stopped them from being able to successfully complete their track season. From the start, Gina focused on developing a treatment plan that not only addressed their soft tissue injuries but also addressed the underlying biomechanical issues that led to their injuries in the first place.  After starting treatment, my children's pain quickly decreased, their strength significantly improved, and they became more confident in their ability to return to running without pain. Gina was very flexible and always worked with our schedule to make sure that they were able to carry out their treatment plan. Gina is very knowledgeable as a physical therapist. Her work speaks for itself! She is always focused and attentive at each PT session. She puts her heart and soul into her work, and it shows. She has been a blessing in our lives, and I highly recommend her! Thank you, Gina Fick, from the bottom of our hearts.

Rebecca K.

Gina Fick is a very caring and compassionate physical therapist.  She puts her heart and soul into helping people get well. Three months after a total knee replacement, I was limping so badly that I could not walk. Gina analyzed my walking stride in detail. In just a few weeks, I was walking normally. What a gift this was! Months down the road, Gina did the same analysis of my running stride and taught me how to run smoothly and efficiently. I am now training for a sprint triathlon and plan on running the entire 5k at the end. I believe my success has only been possible due to Gina's hard work. She is an excellent, devoted therapist who will do anything to help. 10 stars!!!

Rachel K.

I truly did not understand the volume and intensity of how much a knee replacement would affect my quality of life. Additionally, just to add further impact to injury, I was absolutely convinced I would never manage the waters of walking normal again due to extreme neuropathic damage in my limbs and flank after multiple surgeries and nearly 70 rounds of chemotherapy. Gina is absolutely committed, capable, highly educated, knowledgeable and credentialed. But moreso, I realized without her invaluable assistance, tools and wisdom, I wouldn't be up and walking. In my mind, there is no possibility of improvement if you don't follow the advice of a good, effective (and supportive) physical therapist. PT isn't a joke; you must do the work to get to the gain, and you must learn, train and know HOW to do what needs to be done. I've been treated by other physical therapy providers that do not meet the quality and expectations of this physical therapist. She really goes the extra mile.